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Why Should Muslims Pray 5 Times A Day!!!

Why Should Muslims Pray 5 Times A Day!!!
Muhammad Hoblos

My Brother & My Sister pray, no matter what’s happening in your life, pray no matter what sin you’re committing and how much of it you committing pray, no excuses.

Sister tells me brother I don’t wear Hijab, I tell you, pray!
She tells me, look, you know, my dress code is not the best, I tell you. pray!

Brother, I drink alcohol, pray!
Brother tells me, I sell drugs, pray! I take drugs, pray! I have a girlfriend and I’m sleeping with her, I tell you, pray!!!

No matter what’s happening in your life, pray!
but brother how can I be committing all of these sins and pray, that’s disrespectful, Well that makes me a hypocrite. I tell you, No!

That’s why we pray! because we’re not perfect, we’re sinners, we do wrong, pray!
Allah says, the prayer will take you away from sin, pray! you know sometimes people say, look, let me straighten my life out and إن شاء الله I m going to Start Praying.

Habibi, you will never straighten anything out if you don’t pray, that’s why you pray. To straighten your life out. nothing my brothers and sisters, let no men get between you and Allah, pray!
no matter what’s happening in your life, pray!
no matter where you are, pray!
you know sometimes people come to you and tell you brother or sister you’re a hypocrite, sister, you know, you dont wear the hijab and you pray. tell a sister, thank you very much, I’m a hypocrite, may Allah, Reward you, but my prayers between me and Allah no one else’s business the prophet of Allah is the difference between us and them is the prayer.

The very first question on the day of resurrection that you’re going to be asked is about the pray. if you pass then everything after that’s going to be easy but if you fail that then everything after that is just gonna get worse.

So Pray

pray my brothers you will earn a Allah‘s love. pray and you will earn His mercy and His forgiveness. imagine your friend is Allah, never mind wealth the heavens and the earth belongs to him.

You become an unstoppable force when Allah is on your side.

So please my brothers and sisters no matter what’s happening in your life. pray don’t let anyone turn you away from allah. you know when you’re ahead you know when your forehead is on the floor that’s the closest you will ever be to allah. cry to him beg to him, ask allah for direction and you will see happiness through prayer.

we ask Allah subhana WA Ta’ala to make us of those who establish their pray and never leave it no matter what.

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