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Why Do Bad Things Happen To Us!!!

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Us!!!
Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

You know why bad things happen why do bad things happen and if we don’t understand the issue properly as a matter of faith , then sometimes we say things to other people. who are suffering from bad things and we end up saying things that can really mess them up . like for instance just recently I was with some you know distant family and we were talking and we were talking about our late grandmother and she passed away.

you know she had some difficulty before she passed away and one of the cousins in the family, somewhere thinks you know this she had these difficulties because when she was younger she used to be really mean , to some other aunt or somebody and that’s why I Allah put her through this at the end of her life . you know and you just say these things they just say them but actually these things are very very hurtful to say .

First of all and to speak about the fact that Allah is punishing someone especially someone who’s passed away but actually ,
I came to realize that in our conversations among each other we see we say these kinds of things to each other all the time.
you know why this is happening to you because Allah is very angry with you . and actually I’ve even seen sometimes parents use this against their children. you know why you fell down the stairs because yesterday I told you to finish your breakfast you didn’t finish there’s almost punishing you .

This is why bad things happen to you because you didn’t listen to me husbands and wives use this against each other they’ll use it against each other and . these are matters of iman so we have to really properly understand now back .when I say bad things I’m not just talking about small little things right I’m talking about small things………..

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