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Speak With Soft Words To Impact On Others’ Lives!!!

Speak With Soft Words To Impact On Others’ Lives
Mufti Menk

my pals and my sisters. There might just be a person walking on the street maybe even perhaps a person looking like a vagabond on the side of the road. You don’t realize how close there might be to Allah speak with respect to everyone. you’ll never go wrong speak with dignity. there could be a non-muslim speak with utmost respect you never know what is going on in his heart or her heart at that particular moment. it could just be the final moment.

I remember reading a story about a man, who was a bus driver, and a person walked in and intentionally gave him more, and it was a small amount and this man wanted to accept Islam from a long time, and he said the bus driver as a Muslim fellow, you know he’s bearded and so on let me test him let me see. What these guys are all about?

now it’s wrong obviously, it’s wrong because you got a base religion on the scriptures not on the people, because sometimes the people may not be following the scriptures. So now as this bus driver is thinking you know what there’s a small amount of change, should I or shouldn’t I should I shouldn’t that he thought for a moment maybe I should just leave it it’s okay fine I don’t think he really minded because he just gave it to me and he carried on then he said no you know subhanAllah he said no. I will give it so. he actually gave the man the change and he man got hold of the change and he said well I he’d you know what he says my decision to enter the fold of Islam for some strange reason was going to be connected to your reaction because you’re a Muslim and I just wanted to see what it’s all about and this man who’s narrating the story says wallahi I was gonna sell my Deen for 50 cents. I was gonna sell this whole deal for 50 cents small amount imagine. so learn to be honest you never know the model of what I said is you never know what’s going on around you at times just be kind just be respectful and inshallah. you will never go wrong.

Even if a person hates on you. that’s a new term that they use nowadays isn’t it. haters even if a person hates on you. Don’t worry you be respectful. you continue and you make sure that you are a person who’s still kind they must not affect your good qualities. Because they have a bad quality no you continue with your good quality the minute you lose it you now join their ranks and you might even do a better job in becoming bad so you become worse may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala forgive us. so he tells his people are you listening to this guy they started laughing then he said to some of the Banu israil he says ……….

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