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Don’t Make Her Cry She Is Special

Don’t Make Her Cry She Is Special
Mufti Menk

Because if we take a careful look at the problems that we are facing now, across the globe. Many parents are not fit to be parents, really many people have married and they still have a lot of rectification, and suddenly they have children, They themselves who need to guide the children need guidance that is where what we are faced with nowadays. you have parents who have suddenly become parents but they don’t know what parenthood is all about. because the responsibility that comes with a child is very great and they think it’s a joke and in order to address this we need to go a little bit deeper to resolve the matters and to between the children and the parents and to try and give the children the best of upbringing we need to know that the husband and wife. Themselves need to have a sense of responsibility and that sense of maturity and responsibility will only come when you are disciplined. when you are strict on yourself so many times you have young boys, I’m not so sure of the girls but I can talk for the boys you have young boys who have their friends they sit with their friends up to 12:00 at night and 2:00 in the morning. then a few years later they get married and when they get married they still find themselves making the same time for their friends that is prohibited completely prohibited. how can a person, how can a person, who has now taken somebody’s daughter still give preference to his friends over his own wife, and this is a sickness that many people are guilty of the time that you spend with your spouse is an act of worship in Islam. the time that you spend with your family members is an act of worship in Islam. so many people give preference to their businesses over their family members, many people just sit and give preference to a newspaper over their family members it’s a fact. the man comes home from work he is tired he does not speak to anyone he sits down he wants to eat his food he has a temper and next thing he is busy reading the paper or he literally plants himself in front of the television and he is watching television until late hours then he switches it often goes to sleep he hasn’t spoken to his wife he hasn’t spoken to his children if any one of us here are guilty of that today is the day you are being told directly that that is a major sin major sin.

How can you give preference to a television over real people, another problem is also the internet, many people give preference to the Internet and spend hours every day until 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning laughing and joking with the screen. if you want them to laugh really you’ve got to put a screen in front of them they will see what is known as emoticons you know what is an emoticon those small little faces that you have on the screen small cartoon style faces they look at someone who sent them an emoticon and they laugh but if you talk to them they will look at you and say hey I’m busy and I want to give you an example of a very good friend of mine one of my best friends, very very highly educated, and he was so intelligent he had 13 A at O-level and four A’s at A-level he was given a scholarship at the University of Oxford. some years later I met him I told him you know tell me what is Allah done with you meaning you know what has happened in your life. he tells me brother I gave up the internet I said that doesn’t make sense I asked him about himself and he’s just telling me I gave up the Internet so I said what do you mean he said that is the biggest single achievement of my life and I’m, I was confused this was a few years back when the internet was still something new now he told me he became a doctor he actually became a psychiatrist later he specialized he told me you know what happened to me.

I was married and I was addicted to the internet and I was sitting with the internet every day every single day for 6 to 7 hours and I became a person whose social life was the net all my friends who were were on the internet all the people I spoke to were on the Internet I ate and mostly I even asked for the plate of food to come in front of the screen so I would eat whilst I’m busy typing whilst I’m busy looking and so on and he says I lost my wife in the sense that she left him. she deserted him after some time why because if you are not going to give due attention to your wife who do you want her to get that from that’s a question?

many people are guilty of not spending lighter moments even with their own wives where do they want that wife to go and get that from it is true and we need to talk about it, because so many women are suffering in silence it’s a fact of life they are too embarrassed to mention what is going on. and that is the beginning of the problem imagine the children that come out of such a relationship what warped upbringing will they have what type of a relation will there be between parent and child. when the parent parent relation is nonexistent!!!

so many people are guilty of not understanding that they have taken someone’s daughter with the name of Allah when we are officiating a Nikah you and I know that there are certain verses that are read I’m sure you all know those verses all of those verses have the consciousness of Allah mentioned in them and I feel and let’s listen to this very carefully. that the most important verse is the third verse that is read.

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